These are early Wolfgang pickups hand wound for Eddie. When Peavey came out with the Wolfgang in late 1996, of course the specs were never ingraved in stone and in Eddie fashion there were a few versions of these pickups over the years. Now if you own a Peavey Wolfgang just know you play exactly what he played. We made all of his guitars on the same machines as yours, with the only exception being that he constantly asked for tweaks, and many of those tweaks never made it to production guitars. These pickups were in a prototype Wolfgang and for whatever reason were sent back to Peavey and kept as tone samples till Eddie left.

This is the prototype Wolfgang that the pickups came out of, well the body anyways. The original neck was removed and put on another body and sent back to Eddie. This body is dated 8/4/97 so its from an early run. I was told that this body was shipped many times to Eddie for approval on many specs. I am assuming he played it cuz the pickups are from 1998, a year after the body was made.

The necks were all pretty consistent with little variations, and this one for whatever reason didn’t pass Eddie’s inspection and was sent back on another guitar, so it sat in a reject bin for years till I put it on this guitar. (Btw I couldn’t find anything wrong with this neck, and still can’t???)

So like I said before I tried to take Eddie’s influence and do my own thing. I never liked where the 3-way switch was on the Wolfgang, so for me I moved it to the tone knob position.

Since I had access to many Peavey Wolfgangs I knew what those pickups sounded like but I wanted to hear what the Dimarzio pickups that were in Eddie’s Musicman guitars sounded like in comparison. I call my buddy at Dimarzio and they were very accommodating and wound me a set, and that’s what’s in it today. They sound great!!! They are a little warmer and not as hot as the Peavey ones I took out, but both are Amazing pickups.

This 5150 is a early “Block Logo” 1992 version with some mods. John Fields has worked in the amp division at Peavey since he was a young man and when this amp came in for repairs, he told me the back story of this amp so of course I had to buy it.. This amp was on an artist relation account and we would send it out as backline to artists to use in the studio or on tour etc… This particular 5150 started out as a studio amp for Eddie. Eddie asked for some mods that made it different from the stock models, and the only thing I can tell is that it sounds more like the 5150 combo cuz its only 60 watts. It’s a cleaner sounding amp than the stock models, he was recording “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” so maybe the amp got used? Don’t know, maybe it got used on the road? Couldn’t confirm but he had it during that time. The funny thing is, when it got sent back it became part of the backline we sent sent to Ozzfest every year, so who knows how many awesome players jammed on this amp.

The coolest thing about this amp is that it has Eddie’s settings on it. He labeled where he liked this amp set and for years that’s how people played this amp, me included!!! It’s amazing, weird and LOUD!!!

This is worth mentioning, this 4×12 started out as backline for a VH tour, then was backline on Ozzfest as well.

I saved the best for last.

This is one of three guitars built for Eddie himself, a Black, White, and Sunburst. The three pickup Wolfgang never became a production model, but the white version of this guitar is on the cover of Guitar World Magazine

Eddie gave the Black one to someone, and he also gave this one to the former product manager of Peavey Bill Xavier. (Who was responsible for me getting his old job, when he was promoted to sales manager)
Bill knew how much of a fan I was and he had other Wolfgangs in his collection, and before I came on board to Peavey, I was the Product Specialist for Washburn Guitars and had a custom N4 autographed by Nuno himself, so he proposed a trade and knowing I would be getting such a special guitar, I jump on it. (Even though that N4 was a sweet guitar)

I have been very blessed in my life and my career and I could never imagine that I would accomplish the things I have and met the people I have and do the things I’ve done, so today as I look back it’s all so clear to me that this man has had more of an influence on me than I ever gave him credit for, so Thank you Eddie Van Halen and God Bless You.

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